Wonderful Spots : Lautaret & Roccaraso

Reporter RideUp

Reporter RideUp

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Images : Wareck Arnaud & Johann Civel - rideup.tv
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Jonas about his SKM experience:
"From 9 to 15 January the Snowkitemaster was on at Col du Lautaret. I stayed there for a week. The race was planned for the first weekend. Unfortunately the weather was too bad for doing races. For that reason the race event was canceled. During the next few days I enjoyed the snow conditions and had some amazing freeride sessions. On Wednesday the ideal snowkite day came along with powder and good wind for the 11m R1 Ultralight. I had a lot of fun with Johann Civel during this great session. It was like being in a dream. At the same time the freestyle contest took place. We had a cool photoshooting session with Bertrand Boone and at the end a lot of sick pics. It was amazing to meet all the guys at this wonderful spot."

Johann's early season report:
"Hi all, hope this winter finds you all well! My winter has finally just started!! After no snow until beginning of january we are now full of it :) Just few words about the kites 2016. I've had a few good sessions with the Frenzy, Chrono and Summit!
Here are my thoughts: A few weeks ago I rode the Frenzy V10 9m in gusty wind. I was really surprised by the quick turns and the stability of the kite. Even in low wind the kite was still generating enough power to move and cruise. For my weight (70kg), if you just take one kite, it's the kite to have! I also rode the Chrono V2... I'm not racing anymore but this kite is so performant and so stable - completely insane!! In light wind you are still moving while the other kites are stuck on the ground and you can fly like never before! In stronger winds there's no problem as the de-power is huge. The wind range is just absolutely mad.
I've never experiencd such nice freeride turns in the powder with a kite. I was going inside my lines without thinking and the kite was keeping its perfect shape. If you don't need to pack for skiing it's a real freeride machine! I love it...
This winter I also use the Summit V3 UL, it has always been my favorite kite for mountain climbing. I really notice that the UL is flying more easily in light wind than other kites and this can make the difference when wind is low!
And thanks again for the internal re-ride system. Don't need to think anymore how you will pack your kite on the top!
We keep in touch for next adventures - Johann"
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