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[Recherche Rider] new to french surf

Posté : 20 mai 2011 23:18
par daveyk86

je m'appelle david et je suis parle un peu i'm new here and looking to learn the langauge and meet new people. I would like to go surfing in France too so if anyone is passing through Angers and would like company id'e love to come i can also give petrol money and maybe someday repay the favour by bringing you to irlandais for a surf trip.



Re: new to french surf

Posté : 21 mai 2011 07:59
par jag2803
hello and welcome my friend ! :ar: nice place Ireland!
so you'r in Anger right now ?
myself i'm on the Normandie at the moment and i'll soon go down to south west guet some nice waves but not at the moment. i'm sure there'll be someone who 'll be happy to share a space with you
take care david :thx:

Re: [Recherche Rider] new to french surf

Posté : 21 mai 2011 09:15
par Axel
the subject is moved to the beginner forum. you can find under Community -> Crews

Re: [Recherche Rider] new to french surf

Posté : 21 mai 2011 11:33
par daveyk86
bonjour jag2803,

Merci pour le gentil message!!.yes i'm living in angers at the moment i moved over with my girlfriend one week ago.i hope to travel the Brittany area soon and look for surf and to view the surroundings.

i hope to catch up with you some time,merci